Driver's license class B (car)

"The basic certificate" from 18 years

For vehicles up to 3.5 tons (including trailer)
Sufficient for normal driving needs.

or equal to 17

then the following applies:

You can register as many companions as you want, but the following requirements apply to them:
minimum age 30 years
At least 5 years of uninterrupted possession of the driving license class B
Maximum 1 point in Flensburg
Less than 0.5 per thousand blood alcohol while driving
You can register for the apprenticeship from the age of 16 and a half.

Class A driving license (motorcycle)

A2 from 18 years
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Motorcycles up to 48 hp
After 2 years advancement test in the unlimited class A is possible.

A from 24 years (direct entry)

All motorcycles

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Follow-up courses for novice drivers during the probationary period

Driving aptitude seminars to reduce points
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Anyone who has 1-5 points can reduce 1 point by voluntarily taking part in a driving aptitude seminar.< /span>

From 6-7 points the voluntary seminar is without point deduction.
< div>This seminar is a combination of two traffic education modules of 90 minutes each d are two traffic psychology units of 75 minutes each. In small groups as well as in individual sessions in the driving school and in individual sessions with a psychologist, the reasons should be clarified and a change in behavior should be brought about.
This seminar can only be used once in five years to reduce points.

Check the score at:

Driving tests to prepare for observation drives during the MPU test
MPU info at:< /div>

Refresher courses for something out of practice

Description from foreign driving licenses



Basic amount for the theoretical training 345 euros
driving lesson 53 euros< /span>
12 special trips(5 overland / 4 motorway / 3 night) a 63 euros

Practical exam fee 165 euros
Theoretical exam fee 45 euros


Basic amount for the theoretical training 275 euros
driving lesson 58 euros
12 special trips (5 interurban / 4 motorway / 3 night) a 65 euros
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Practical exam fee for 165 euros
Theoretical exam; transaction fee 45 euros

Price status January 2021

Of course, complete motorcycle equipment is available.

Biker fashion from


Motorbike advancement tests with previous ownership A1 or A2 possible without theory test and special journey obligation. Inexpensive and uncomplicated!


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Free safety training from ADAC -

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